Discover Our High-Performance Managed Bare Metal Servers

Welcome to a world of raw power and uncompromised performance. Our Managed Bare Metal Servers are the perfect solution for businesses seeking robust, secure, and customizable hosting options. Choose from six distinctive packages, each finely tuned to cater to a range of operational needs and budgets.

Starting with Pack 1 at $3,500 per month, our lineup comprises configurations with dual E5-2697A v4 CPUs, 32 cores, and 64 threads, up to Pack 4. These packs come equipped with varying amounts of DDR4 RAM, ranging from 192GB to an impressive 1.5TB, all while maintaining a solid 7.20TB of 10K SAS HDD local storage.

For the more performance-hungry operations, Pack 5, or the NVME pack, priced at $16,500 per month, steps up the game with dual Intel Gold 6148 CPUs, 40 cores, and 80 threads. It boasts 1.5TB of DDR4 RAM and an ample 12TB of NVMe local storage.

The pinnacle of our offerings is Pack 6 EPYC, a power-packed solution at $27,500 per month. It’s driven by dual AMD EPYC 7713 CPUs, a staggering 128 cores and 256 threads. This premium pack provides 2TB of DDR4 RAM and approximately 4TB of SAS SSD local storage.

Unleash the Power of Virtualization with Our Supported Hypervisors

In our commitment to delivering high-performance and customizable solutions, we are thrilled to offer support for a variety of Hypervisor Platforms. These platforms provide you with the tools you need to manage your virtual environment efficiently and effectively.


XCP-ng is a powerful open-source hypervisor platform that offers extensive features without any licensing fees. It’s a perfect fit for those seeking an affordable yet efficient virtualization solution. You can take advantage of this platform at no additional cost.

Proxmox VE

Proxmox VE is another open-source platform that combines virtualization and containerization technology. It provides a comprehensive, easy-to-use management interface that allows users to deploy and control virtual machines and containers. Like XCP-ng, Proxmox VE is available at no additional cost.


VirtFusion is a versatile hypervisor platform offering robust features at no extra cost. Its streamlined interface and advanced functionalities enable easy management of your virtualized resources.

VMWare Essentials Basic Support (vSphere/ESXi)

VMWare Essentials Basic Support, designed for small IT environments with up to three physical servers, offers an industry-standard platform with vSphere/ESXi. There is a yearly setup fee of $600. This package provides an entry point to VMWare’s world-class virtualization technology.

VMWare Standard Basic Support (vSphere/ESXi)

VMWare Standard Basic Support (vSphere/ESXi) takes virtualization a step further. It provides more extensive support for larger and more complex environments. The setup fee for this package is $1,400 yearly.

VMWare Standard Production Support (vSphere/ESXi)

For businesses seeking top-tier virtualization support, we offer VMWare Standard Production Support. This package provides round-the-clock, year-round support for your virtual environment. The setup fee for this package is $1,500 yearly.

Choose a hypervisor platform that best fits your business needs and start building a robust, scalable, and secure virtual environment with us today!

Enhance Your Security and Data Protection with Our Featured Add-ons


Secure your network with our comprehensive SentinelOne service pack. This package provides robust endpoint protection for up to 30 machines – be they physical or virtual, running Windows, Mac, or Linux. Invest in our service to safeguard your operations and gain peace of mind. Should you need to expand coverage in the future, additional endpoints can be seamlessly integrated for just $8 per machine.


Empower your business with Veeam Backup & Replication, your all-in-one solution for data backup, replication, and restoration. Secure your business with 24/7 availability of your mission-critical data across physical, virtual, and cloud environments. This service includes S3 encrypted storage with a generous 2TB included in each plan. As your business expands, so can your storage with an affordable rate of just $4 per additional TB.

Expand Your Possibilities with Our Add-ons

Managed Dedicated Storage

Our Managed Dedicated Storage Server, powered by TrueNAS, offers a massive 140TB raw capacity (approximately 90TB usable in RAIDZ2 configuration) with fourteen 10TB SAS 12GBPS drives. This service includes a high-speed 1.6TB Mirrored PCIe SSD for cache. Any failing drives are replaced as part of the inclusive $4,000/month service, ensuring uninterrupted operation.

Hardware Firewall

The pfSense Firewall Appliance is a fully managed solution, offering robust network security with TAC pro support. Available at a monthly cost of $400.00 USD and a setup fee of $2,200.00 USD, we offer a financial incentive by waiving the setup fee for customers who opt for a billing cycle of six months or longer.

Elevate your business today with our managed bare metal servers, and enjoy the perfect blend of performance, security, and scalability. Reach out to us to get started.

In Summary

Your journey towards robust, secure, and high-performance hosting solutions begins here. Our Managed Bare Metal Servers offer six customizable packages, with options catering to a wide array of operational needs and budgets. The servers range from dual E5-2697A v4 CPUs to powerhouse dual AMD EPYC 7713 CPUs, ensuring we have a solution to match your business requirements.

Complementing our server offerings, we provide a suite of add-ons designed to enhance your security and data protection. With SentinelOne and Veeam, we offer comprehensive network and data security solutions. Expand your possibilities with our Managed Dedicated Storage and Hardware Firewall for superior performance and reliability.

We also support a variety of Hypervisor Platforms, including XCP-ng, Proxmox VE, VirtFusion, and several VMWare options. These platforms empower your business with efficient and effective virtual environment management tools.

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, we’re here to provide a blend of performance, security, and scalability that’s just right for your business. Start your journey with us today and experience the difference of our managed bare metal servers. Reach out to us to get started.